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"Must see movie about love and forgiveness. A rare find among films!" –The Dove Foundation

"This is a gutsy movie of truth. If you remain seated you will find the honest truth of the Gospel." - Darryl DelHousaye, President of The Phoenix Seminary

"RECONCILIATION challenges us to consider what love really means. This is a powerful movie that should cause you to reflect anew at the wonder of God's incredible love for all of us and the power of that love to genuinely change lives. It provides an excellent template for dealing with anyone struggling with anything the Bible calls sin." - Pastor Bob Stith, Southern Baptists' National Strategist for Gender Issues

“The movie ‘Reconciliation’ is a must see. You will be challenged to see people through the eyes of Christ. It is a story of hope, grace and forgiveness that will challenge you to accept the love of Christ for yourself and to share His love with others.” – Pastor Dave Dooley, Fresh Start Community Church, Oklahoma City, OK

"I was challenged by 'Reconciliation.' This movie tells the truth of God's grace and forgiveness. This timely, powerful film will change minds and hearts, so reconciliation is understood and practiced. Every pastor, church, family, and individual should watch this movie!" - Lesley Hurst, radio host of GraceFM

“I cried my eyes out. Great film...a must-see for anybody that has had a broken relationship!” – Kim Bagato, radio host of KRDU

“Most amazing movie! Great story about dealing with deep wounds! I shed quite a bit of tears.” – Gus Lloyd, Seize The Day on Sirius/XM radio

"RECONCILIATION has the guts to tackle a subject that the church needs to confront and rethink without compromising God's Word...it inspires thought, sparks conversation, and ultimately rings true." - Christianity Today

"Their (father and son) forgiveness and reconciliation provide the context for a more poignant theme throughout the movie - God's unconditional love and forgiveness offered through Christ Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross." - American Family Association Journal

"This superb film will probably break your heart. It has a message that could change your life. Waste no time in watching this movie." - Nancy Heche

"I was *deeply* moved by this movie. It is honest, heart-breaking, tense, funny, honest, heart-warming, hope filled, inspiring, reflective, honest … do I keep saying honest on purpose? Yes! I loved the movie’s honesty! You HAVE to watch this movie!" – Randy Thomas

"RECONCILIATION raises several important issues facing the church and society today. No doubt, this movie moves the discussion forward in a constructive and thoughtful way." - Ted and Gayle Haggard

"WOW! So believable, realistic and definitely packs that emotional punch - and not at all contrived. I’ve seen a lot of movies in my time; this one is definitely on the top of my list! It speaks to the inner desire to be reconciled." – Stephen Black

"I could barely contain myself as I reviewed this movie with 300 other people this past summer. I wanted to scream, weep and worship, all at the same time. There was not a dry eye in the crowd; most of us openly wept. So get your kleenex, open your heart and follow God's heart as this incredible story unfolds. For anyone who has been impacted by homosexuality, this movie is a must see!" – Janelle Hallman, Desert Hope

"I have never seen the topic of homosexuality and healing of broken relationships depicted so honestly, compassionately and lovingly as I have in RECONCILIATION. This movie will move all who see it to consider what true love and forgiveness really look like." – Jonathan Daugherty, Founder of Be Broken

“I'd like to express my utmost gratitude for this amazing movie. I was so deeply moved by the script chosen to express the Father's tender, merciful, and unending love through such a sensitive issue in society. Thank you for helping reveal myself to me even more than I had in the past. I will be watching this movie again and referring others to it as well. Thank you and may God bless this powerful message.” – Shari

“I just watched this movie and wish I had the words to express the depth of emotion I feel. This movie is so relevant, so deeply moving and so filled with visions of God's grace. The story and message are beautifully portrayed. It is a movie I will watch over and over and one that I will take the message of it into my own life to try to give the love of God more freely to those He brings into my life. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of God's love, grace and forgiveness.” – Cathy

"I have never been so moved by a film in my life. It really is indescribably incredible, so real... I loved it." – Jamie

"Loved this movie and pray it makes a great impact everywhere." – Jason

"The movie was very moving without being emotionally manipulative. A movie well worth watching." – Michelle

"I was deeply moved by this film." – Elizabeth

"Simply put, one of the most touching films I've seen. There is so much in this film that it's almost impossible to process. I cried on many occasions." - Greg

"Wow! I had no idea that Reconciliation was going to pull at my heartstrings the way it did. Great movie with an awesome message." – Sotera

"The film is excellent!" – PJ & Tessa

"A wonderfully touching film that will make people think about their own choices."
– Gregory

"What a wonderful movie even though I cried most of the time!" - Sherry

"I really enjoyed the movie...it was very touching and very deep spiritually." – Peter

"I really enjoyed the movie and am blown away with the message. Not really happy that I came away with puffy eyes and a Rudolph colored nose...but it was worth it! " - Angela

"I had no idea that Reconciliation would move me so profoundly. This movie was refreshingly honest and emotionally real. Its message has touched me deeply and challenged me spiritually." – Melanie

"I rarely watch a film twice, but RECONCILIATION is one of a handful of films (ever) that I will actually watch twice. Our culture has needed a film to say these important things for a very long time." - Melinda Ledman, hollywoodjesus.com

"WOW!!! I'm not sure I can find words greater than that...WOW!!! I am not great with words, but that was just amazing, thought compelling, and will require watching again." – Debbie

"Excellent movie. You did an amazing job conveying reconciliation and the path that it takes to get there. Thank you so much for making this movie. I can see God using this film in so many ways." – Colleen

"I just watched 'Reconciliation.' It's amazing! I couldn't stop crying, but it goes beyond just emotions, it's God talking to the deepest part of our hearts and teaching us about grace, love and forgiveness. What a beautiful and powerful movie!" – Oscar

"I so enjoyed the movie. I was so touched by the chaplain and his heart of love and knowledge of God's will as he guided his friends through the Scriptures. I bought the DVD and will share it with lots of people." – Carol

"I am so thankful for this movie. I know the message will change many lives who see it. It changed mine." – LaDonna

"I questioned my salvation for 34 years until I watched ‘Reconciliation.’ Through the movie the Lord showed me that he loved me and that I was His child. I'm so grateful to the ones that obeyed the Lord and made this movie. It truly has changed my life. What a great example of God's forgiveness and how we should forgive those that have hurt us." – Ed

"The Chaplain’s performance is unforgettable and filled with thought-provoking dialogue. That's because he gets the privilege of teaching God's truths and His ways are always worth contemplating! Praise God!" – Kathy

"What AMAZING display of a Fathers love to His son & a sons love to his Father. Truly a must see." – Nancy

"My husband showed the movie to his mountain biking club. He said it was so funny...bunch of hetero guys trying to look like they weren't crying. They all thought it was an awesome movie and a great message for everyone everywhere!" – Meleah

"Awesome message. It is a must see for anyone struggling with unconditional love, family is family PERIOD. Its never too late......life is too short to live with the burden of regret." – Buddy

"A touching family movie about real life." – Rosa

"I just finished watching this movie...truly amazing story of love and forgiveness. Be blessed...watch it!" – Donna

"This is such a good movie! I enjoyed watching it Sunday night with my husband, and last night with my son & his girlfriend. Homes need so much to hear the beautiful Gospel Message presented in the movie. The movie shares that homosexuality is a sin, but we should also realize that all sin separates us from God. All sin is wrong." – Santha

"Just watched the movie. Loved it! Truly a blessing." – Martha

"Everyone should see this movie. The message is profound and it speaks to every life no matter where we may be or what we deal with. The best movie I have ever seen, truly!!" – Greg

"This is an Awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" – Melissa

"This is the first movie I've seen in a long time where I thought all the characters were realistic. Great job." – Karen

"Fabulous, moving movie--a must see!" – Judy

"G r e a t m o v i e!" – Kimberly

"I watched this movie, was not sure where the message was going to go with the whole gay agenda. I watched it to the end and it was very good. Full of the truth of the salvation message. Well worth the expense to buy it and share it with others." – Angie

"Awesome movie…amazing love, healing, and true forgiveness!” – Margie

"I watched this movie on Sunday after church with a few friends...it's a tear jerker! Great movie!!" – Reenie

"This is such a good movie! I just watched it and am now viewing the commentary of it." – Judy

"I don't cry at movies but when I viewed this movie I was moved to tears. It's one of my favorite movies now." – Sarah

"Great Movie." – Gloria

"Truly amazing and hit everyone's heart. I was completely blown away and in tears the entire time." - Sarah

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